Week 3- Blog Post

Yazan Al-Thibeh 100920850

This week we had to read Ato Quayson book, Oxford Street Accra: City Life and the Itineraries of Transnationalism. This book expresses the history and the emerging city of Accra in Ghana, and the problems it has. Accra is a city that attracts many tourists to its beaches and its resorts, something that took years to develop with the help from the IMF and its structural adjustment program. With the help of the IMF and other financial institutions Accra was moulded to attract tourist with its commercial infrastructures. The author notes that one of the main attractions is Oxford Street, where it is filled with excitement, and the development of shopping malls, tourism, urbanization, art and culture.

Ato Ouayson expresses the growing interest of salsa dancing and how it is a part of the culture. I thought that salsa dancing was only recovered for Hispanic and Spanish natives, not people from Africa. In Accra, salsa dancing is a life style that many young and old people take apart of. Salsa dancing has impacted the communities, the economy and the culture. This amazes me that people can take parts of another culture and use it to grow and make a community like Accra even closer.

Discussion: Do you think that the emergence of salsa dancing is one of the ways that globalization is connecting people closer to others. Do you think that something like salsa dancing was influenced by western culture or from social media?

The author notes that the development of the city has caused for the depiction of materialistic ads which is posted for many of the locals and tourist to desire. The influence of the international community and tourists has caused progressive development in the culture, with music, art and technology. On page 146, Ato Ouayson talks about the millions of the local’s subscribed to cell phones and how that market is growing. I think this is amazing for the economy and for the natives. In  my economic development class I learned that in order for a country to grow its society it needs two of the following, 1) education and 2) technology. I feel like smart phones today allows one to connect to social media and to exploit the different cultures and societies from all around the world.

Discussion: Do you think that the growing popularity of the cell phone will influence a new generation with skills and education. Do you also think that the neoliberal ideology influenced the growing interest of cell phones?


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