week 5

week 5 discussion

This week we looked at the role of media in Africa through the article and the podcast. The podcast was interesting shed light on the situation with the role the media plays in the democratization of Africa. In the podcast, the speaker stated that media has played an important role in both the revival of the African sector as well as in the democratization of most African countries. He stated that since 1991, there has been a large transformation in the media sector in Africa which has helped many African countries get out of authoritarian control and become a democracy. I think this is important to understand because often time we do not realize how big of a role the media can play in gaining freedom for a country or region. We also see this as an example in the article by Chiluwa and Adegoke. This article reflects on conflict in Nigeria and how the social media site Twitter was used to fuel a conflict and reject Nigerian government along with rejecting western education systems. In this article Twitter was a major factor for sources of conflict, as Tweets came from sides of the conflict. One of the tweets seen in the article stated ‘new colonizers are already destroying and ripping our countries apart, as the authorities look idly… never attempting to confront and destroy this evil cancer called Islam’ (pg 91). This quote shows how extreme Tweets from both sides of the spectrum are posted on Twitter in order for government officials to view, which then helps fuel the conflict. This article is a case study which shows the extremity in which as conflict can be, and how social media can fuel the conflict so much more. From viewing both the podcast and the article for this week, it is evident to see how social media and media and the press can either help build a country and rise it out of democracy, as seen in the podcast, or how it can create even more conflict in a country, as is seen from the use of Twitter in Chiluwa’s article. In this podcast, the speaker also mentioned that the rise of the freedom of press in Africa is attributed to and led by indigenous African capital ownership and not foreign ownership. I though that this showed huge developments on Africa’s part, as this is a big advancement and it is excellent that Africa is leading this advancement themselves and not letting it be led by the west or their colonizers.

Nicole V



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