Week 5

Keira Gagne

This week’s focus is on the role social media plays in contemporary conflicts. Innocent Chiluwa and Adetunji Adegoke discuss how people have utilized social media to express their reactions to Boko Haram’s action in Nigeria in the article “Twittering the Boko Haram Uprising in Nigeria: Investigating Pragmatic Acts in the Social Media.” The  article provides actual examples of tweets and compares the content of the tweets to what the writers are feeling about the solution. The article asserts how people are able to express their opinions of Boko Haram and why the group is committing these acts. The article provides a good description of what Boko Haram is and how it began. The article is interesting because it presents various suggestion on stopping Boko Haram from  committing more violence and various theories denouncing the group. The article is interesting in comparing the various tweets, however, it does not provide an in-depth analysis of how social media is utilized in conflict situations.

Question: Are those who utilize social media in discussing Boko Haram in Nigeria educated about the current situation or providing opinions without any previous knowledge of the conflict?


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