week 5

Week 5

Yazan Al-Thibeh

This week’s podcast and readings expresses the massive development of media in Africa. The podcast, “Mass Media and Democracy”, expressed the revolution of mass media in African nations and how it helped spread knowledge and awareness to many people. This unraveled many people voice themselves to demand change.  Folu Ogundimu, the host, talked about how mass media is now used in Africa for people to express their opinions. He also expresses how there is liberty in media where people can express their thoughts and opinions, however there is always a political agenda with media. Folu Ogundimu articulates that the growth of local and international media is really important. I think that media influences the way a nation thinks and behaves, a paradigm of this is taking American news streams and noticing how polarized they are in broadcasting the news.

In the article written by chiluwa articulates on how social media like youtube and twitter is exploding in Nigeria, due to the punitive acts by Boko Haram. When the acts of violence committed by Boko Haram arose citizens used nonviolent acts to express their feelings by using the media. Social media like Twitter was a way for the natives to show their anger and educate those who are naïve about the issue. Social media like Twitter is a great way to promote exiting things, but it can also be used for the promotion of propaganda an example is ISIS. ISIS uses twitter to recruit and promote their views, ideologies and their terrorist activities, they also use video websites to endorse their terrorist activities and killings. I personally use social media like facebook to express my feelings on what was broadcasted on the news or other international problems that need awareness.

In Paul Tiyambe Zeleza article, he stresses that the media shapes our society; economy, socially and politically; and how society shapes our media. I personally believe that the media shapes our society; when the media advertises the fear in our society, we, as the people, tend to react with consumer and or producer confidence. In the article he expresses that the media helps the development of nations, helping the growth of the economy and businesses.  Those who can access the mass media with ease will be shaped by its ideologies, and those who cannot access the media will not know what is going on in society. I believe that the media helps evolve how many think and try to apply things in lie, those who are not informed with the media will have a hard time adapting in their society.

1) Which has a greater impact on the development of a nation, mass media or social media, and why?

2) Do you think social media like twitter and facebook should control what is being posted, such as those who support Boko Haram, ISIS and or any other terrorist organization?


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