Week 7

GS 405 Week 7 Blog


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The readings for this week focus on the fascinating relationship between Africa and China both quickly are becoming emerging powers on the global stage. All three of these articles examine the critical characteristics of the Africa-China relationship and all of these authors do a stellar job in providing detailed summaries of the complexity involving the relations between these two giant markets.


The first article we looked at was Paul Tiyambe Zeleza’s The Afrcia-China relationship: Challenges and Opportunities. This particular article examines the emerging and modifying relations between China and the continent of Africa. China’s rise and Africa’s renaissance have gone hand in hand, creating a historic opportunity for the development of China-Africa relations. This international partnership is vibrant as Chinese investors are viewing the African markets as a dynamic opportunity to expand economic development and prosperity. Zeleza identifies the negative outlook that has been over amplified by the media and the reality is that the Africa-China relationship is a booming situation, which should potentially bring promise and expansion for both economies. Zeleza confirms that it is essential for African states to institute a more socialized agenda to further build on their sustainable and self-determination progress.


The second article was Chris Alden and Ana Alves’ History and Identity in the Construction of China’s African policy, which focuses on the historical similarities between the two markets on how they were both, colonized and remain to be developing nations. Chinese investors feel a sense of solidarity with African states as they are very similar and are emerging markets. This will continue to enable a positive relation with African states as their similarities provide a further desire to expand development.


Adams Bodomo and Grace Ma’s From Guangzhou to Yiwu was the third article and takes a look on African diasporas in China to examine African and China’s social setting surrounding their alliance. Bodomo and Ma study the rise in African migrants in Yiwu to gather more experience in the business-trading sector as a result of the emerging commodity markets in China. It becomes apparent that Africa and China should rearrange their immigration and migration laws such as freedom of mobility, equality and diversity, and to promote safe and comfortable living and working conditions to help make the Africa-China relationship more sustainable.


These three articles bring up a number of beneficial ideas and aspects to expand the economic development in Africa and China. It also raises a few questions that I would like to bring up.

  • What kind of industry do Chinese investors look into when entrusting money into Africa?
  • What role does the United States play in regards to Chinese investments in Africa?



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