Week 8

The article by Taylor looks at India’s rise in Africa, and its predicted dominance over future years. In the beginning of the article, the author states that in the future New Delhi wants to gain a seat on the UN Security Council. This was the first fact Taylor stated that surprised me. With only 5 permanent members on the Security Council and only 10 more which are non-permanent, the fact that New Delhi wants to emerge to be a member was surprising to me. The author continues to state that India’s economy is the fastest growing today in the world, and in the future it will surpass the US as the worlds second largest economy, behind China (p. 780). Before reading this article I knew that India was an upcoming economy, however I did not know that it was soon projected to be the second largest in the world. The facts the author provides in the beginning about India is informative and also good to bring because it illustrates to the reader how important India’s economy will be in the future. Later in the article Taylor looks at Indian aid in Africa. I find this important to look at when he is trying to prove the point that India is an emerging economic superpower. The process India has taken from receiving donations from other countries to being the donor country is important to analyze in this context because it shows the transition India has been through in the past few decades. When reading this article, I wondered to what means India had to go through to make this transition? The article focuses on how India is now a more developed economy, however it fails to look at how this change was made and when. The article by Patey looks at India coming into a war torn Sudan in order to gain profit from their native oil. This article stated that it was due to the exit of western oil companies in the early 2000s which opened the doors for India to come into Sudan. However, I feel like this would not be the case, for even if the west was still extracting oil from Sudan, I think that India would still have come in and also used Sudan’s oil. I think this is an important and overlooked point in the article because dominant and rich countries, such as the west and soon to be India, feel that they can exploit any country for their profit. I think this is something that deserves more attention in the article, for the author only provides facts about India coming into Sudan for oil, but it does not address how Sudan is being continuously exploited for their resources. When viewing this article, I wondered why this was the case and why often times authors choose to not focus on why the issues are happening but instead they simply focus on what is happening? I think for the future the why question will become more important as resources deplete and incoming countries taking from other, poorer, countries, are questioned.



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