Welcome to GS 405 V Africa in a Changing World Blog!

Students will post critical reflections to this blog each week of the course, excepting Week 1 and Week 12. Students should prepare and post their reflections after completing their readings; this provides an outlet for personal and shared reflection, as well as an opportunity to bring ideas, questions and concerns together prior to class.
Reflective blogs must be posted no later than Monday evening, so that peers and student presenters may access the posts. Aside from being integral to students’ engagement in the course, blog posts will also assist student presenters in guiding class discussion. Reflections should be no more than 500 words and should include a very brief summary of the readings’ main arguments and how they are supported. You may then discuss your reactions to the readings, including points of agreement/disagreement, concern, or ideas for further exploration. One important objective of this weekly exercise is to help you engage with course materials more substantively, and make connections between course topics (cumulative learning). Please include at least two discussion questions in your reflective post, as well as any other multimedia or links to current news articles/events pertaining to course material.


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